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We will try to make it fun for you.  Stay with us and you will find yourself ready to have fun, enjoy everyday activities around town.   
Our rates are competitive, we have special rates for groups of all sizes.  Those rates can include meals, tours, or any other activities you may need.  Contact us directly at +1 809-344-4809
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From bird watching, photography or extreme activities, you can find it all here at MVMR..
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Welcome to Mi Vista Mountain Resort

Mi vista Mountain Resort invites you to a comfortable and adventurous time in our property with the possibility to discover the Dominican Republic and its beautiful rainforest, villages and waterfalls.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Mi vista Mountain Resort is offering Free Breakfast! Anyone staying with us will receive a free breakfast, hurry this offer will end soon.  Make your booking online now or call us at (809) 344-4809