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We will try to make it fun for you.  Stay with us and you will find yourself ready to have fun, enjoy everyday activities around town.   
Our rates are competitive, we have special rates for groups of all sizes.  Those rates can include meals, tours, or any other activities you may need.  Contact us directly at +1 809-344-4809
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From bird watching, photography or extreme activities, you can find it all here at MVMR..
Mi Vista Mountain Resort is for sale.  For more details and contact information, click here
Mi Vista Mountain Resort can accommodate 36 guests.  We have a total of five (5) bungalows, each with two spacious beds and all of our double occupancy cabanas have stunning mountains views.  Accommodations include:

 Full bathroom on each room
 Single or double queen beds
 Living room and lounging areas
 Ceiling fans
 Wi-Fi and more is coming soon!!! Please check with us